Offers you and your family a Delicious dining experience.

We offer a variety of Flavors

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No matter your diet, La Fogata has something Delicious for everyone!

A Latin American Restaurant that fuses a mix of local favorites along with traditionally prepared tastes. Bring the whole family!
We take pride in our steaks! We carefully prepare each one, seasoning and cooking it to perfection! Just One churrasco, and you’ll be hooked!
Looking for a quick lunch on a budget? Look no further! Our specials offer your favorite foods at a delightful price!
Whether it’s a long day of meetings, or a Friday treat, expert catering from La Fogata is an excellent choice for all lunch occasions.
This is one of my favorite Nicaraguan restaurants. Try their big hunter steak and get ready for a party in your mouth. I usually get this with gallo pinto and maduros. The meat is watering and amazing! FAVIO P.

Anything from the grill is very good. Try the chicken. Also Vaca Frita is very nice.
 Recommendation; if you are sick they make an excellent chicken soup add lime and you are as good as gold!!! Also the mixed grill platter is very nice. THOMAS M.

The food is delicious but every time I eat here I leave wanting more! Anthony B.

One of Miami’s hidden secrets. You’re going to get a great steak for a good price… I eat here almost once every two weeks, it’s that good! OMAR L.

Always a Great Place to Eat Lunch! WILLIE N.

Ugh La Fogata how I miss you!!!!! Bomb Nicaraguan food 2nd best I’ve had after my momma’s. =) DIANA R.

Aside from their famous churrasscos (Skirt steak) with chimichurri sauce (pesto made with parsley instead of basil), this place makes awesome beef and chicken Nicaraguan style fajitas, great beef soup, and has a good selection of beers/wines, and desserts too! I also love the sides here including the gallo pinto (aka congri or moros) and the plantains (chips, maduros, tostones), fried yuca, and their repollo (coleslaw in a vinaigrette) ANETTE E.

Have never been disappointed here. Fried cheese, churrasco, gallo pinto, all the Nicaraguan staples that are wonderful at affordable prices! LOURDES D.

We had food from La Fogata catered to our office and it was delicious! We had the churrasco (very tasty and moist) gallo pinto (delicious) fried plantains (could be cut thinner and maybe more ripe) cole slaw (good) chimi-churri (good) and fried cheese (excellent)…..hope to order from them again real soon ! RAQUEL P.